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The Law Office of Erika A. Williams employs a collaborative approach to your legal representation because this is YOUR life. At the Law Office of Erika A. Williams, we understand that there will come a point that both your attorney and the courtroom fades away and you are left with the outcome of your case, so you must take an active role in your representation.

As part of ensuring your active involvement in your representation, the Law Office of Erika A. Williams utilizes individual secured client portals to facilitate the exchange of information between Attorney Williams and each client. At the start of each representation, every client is given access to their unique client portal. To access your Client Portal, please enter your log-in credentials below.

If you need assistance in accessing your secured Client Portal, please contact Client Care Coordinator Marina van Rooyen toll-free at (855) 972-1644 or (323) 739-1647 for assistance.