Attorney Williams understands that when we meet you may be in crisis and utilizes trauma-informed advocacy to help you towards your desired outcome. Through a client-centered, client-driven, and holistic approach to advocacy, she will serve not only your present but also your future legal needs. You can trust that Attorney Williams will guide you through your present legal matter with grace and integrity.

Attorney Williams operates in the belief that it is better to teach clients how to fish and will, not only serve her client's immediate legal needs but also empower them with knowledge. She is committed to providing high-quality legal representation, bundled or unbundled, at affordable rates, because securing your family and your children should not be a benefit reserved only for the wealthy. While the Law Office of Erika A. Williams, a Professional Corporation broadly serves the needs of your family including paternity, custody, guardianship, special education, juvenile justice, estate planning, divorce, and restraining orders, she recognizes that life and family are impacted outside of the home and is committed to addressing all of your legal needs.

When your family finds itself in the midst of a crisis, Attorney Williams is happy to help guide you through to the other side. Attorney Williams can be reached toll-free at (855) 972-1644 or (323) 739-1647 or by emailing

Practice Areas: Family Law, Criminal Law, Juvenile Justice, Special Education, Dependency, and Estate Planning